Zeeland Bed & Bike


This is a website for a made up B&B (Bed & Bike) by my professors. A group of us had to make a website that showed bicyclists traveling in the province Zeeland (The Netherlands) where every B&B in the region was located. Everything during this course was based on human centered design. We made low and high fidelity prototypes and tested this with our target group. Every design you see in this is made by us. This is the result of the website we created.


Based off of our target group being anyone who owned a bicycle we also created an app for this B&B so that they can always have a resource when they are on the move.

Mobile website

With bicyclists constantly being on the move we designed a mobile website that was human centered design giving them the best results for this target group. We would test this on our target group multiple times and made changes when necessary.